A Mashup with Google and Korean Map

Seockchan Yun, Daum Communication Corp, http://www.creation.net/work/map
This paper was presented in Google GeoDeveloper Day


  1. Introduction
  2. Status of Web Mapping Services in Korea
  3. Mixing Korean Map in Google Maps
  4. Realtime Traffic Map with GPS
  5. Contact


This report is a brief introduction of status of korean mapping services and mashup examples with korean map and google maps. Google Maps don't support korean geographical elements including road, building and local names yet. But, you can navigate a korean map with an ajax method in this implementation and feel mixed google maps with korean satellete images.

The Status of Web Mapping Services in Korea

In korea, there is wide broadband and mobile environment. So many unique services were developed. First, I want to introduce history of korean web based mapping services. it has been served the interactive map service such as Google Maps since 2000. Unfortunately, it was made by ActiveX and Java applet not Ajax. In broadband and IE exclusive system, it was proper choice. It offered zoom in/out, drag-n-drop, measuring distance and squaring area, drive directions and layering bus stop and subway line etc. You can try in Seoul Map(You'd better install ActiveX control) Last year, some of korean map services changed Ajax based and gave street photo service such as Amazon street photo service too.

Mixing Korean Map in Google Maps

Firstly, I made an ajax based korean map service with http://map.naver.com. Although it offered ActiveX client in that site, I hacked tile images in caching servers. As following is a local map of Seoul area. (a blue color is han river)

Ajax based Korean Map

Secondly, I got Google Maps with API version 2 and connected TubeJP's library to add another layer from outer source. If you click "KOREA", you can see above korean map service.

Mashup with Google Maps


Underconstruction: I'm recalculating coordinates between korean and google maps. Now it's not working well. Soon I'll make it.

Realtime Traffic Map with GPS

I want to mash up ajax based map system and gps enabled bus system in seoul. All bus in seoul have gps equipment and headquarter can know where bus is. People can access this information with mobile phone and pda via wireless. Also they can know when next bus will be arrived at bus stop by calling ARS via stop unique number. And they have smart cards for payment of public traspotation including bus and subway, so they can see all route information in web page by uploaded payment information. This environemt changed korean mobile "where2.0" life.

Using mash-up, It can show real time bus location of all routes in map and show graphically realtime traffic situation of all main roads in seoul because it offers bus's speed and estimating time to arrive at bus stop. This information converted to long./lattitude coordinate, so it can be showed in Google Maps. Maybe it will take 10~15 minutes to demonstrate it. I'll make a demostration movie to be more understable for attendee.


[1] Korean map servies: http://channy.creation.net/web2.0/data/eng/korea_mapping.swf (3.6MB)
[2] Korean photo street: http://channy.creation.net/web2.0/data/eng/korea_photo_street.swf (5.4MB)
[3] Korean Satellite image service: http://channy.creation.net/web2.0/data/eng/korea_sat_photo.swf (30MB)
[4] Realtime bus location feed: A bus of No. 360 http://channy.creation.net/work/busroute/?route=360
[5] Mashup of traffic monitoring is working.

If you interested in this subject, please let me know.