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폐쇄된 플랫폼의 득세

Proprietary Platforms (iOS, Windows, Android, Chromium)

From Mitchell Baker

개방 웹 vs. 폐쇄 플랫폼

The modern browser stack using HTML5 above the Proporietary Platforms

Mozilla가 준비하고 있는것

Mozilla Block

For Alternative and Choice

Firefox Mobile - Native UI

Firefox Native UI

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Boot to Gecko

새로운 대안 웹 OS

Progress of Mobile phone hardware API access

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Live Demo

Open Web Apps

왜 또 다른 앱스토어를?

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데모 화면

Some ways to launch the store
Potential homepage of the store
Example app details page showing Kindle Reader

Mozilla Mission

We Need You call to action

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Open Web Apps

Boot to Gecko

Firefox Mobile - Native UI

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