Korea, No with comments to OOXML

Sourced by first report by Inews24 in Korea. As following is the brief translation of this article by Seokchan (Channy) Yun

Reporter/ Eunseung Kang (esther@inews24.com)

September, 3th. ISO JTC-1 Korea Committee voted "No with comments" to Office Open XML as P member body. Mr. Youngsik Kang, Korea Agency for Technology and Standards, one of ISO/JTC-1 members confimed voting result to ISO on August, 31th after collection the public opinion from various experts, companies and government in Korea.

Korean government concluded that OOXML is incomplete for ISO standards right now and suggested some of complements for that. These comments will be public after ISO voting finally. These conditions must be adopted by ECMA TC45 till Febrary in next year likewise Dannish and Norway's.

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