Naver Bug Day

The, a big korean portal site start to support web site compatiblity in Firefox. It holds the Naver Bug Day with Mozilla Korean Community during February 2006. The is the favorite portal site focused on search service in most of korean internet users. It receives a tremendous 700 million page views and 14 million unique visitors every single day. Because many of them uses Internet Explorer, there are a few browser support for minor including Firefox, Safari and Opera. But, they decided to support Firefox users for remarkable increasing in this market.

In this event, firefox users can report bugs in web sites such as Javascript’s mistake, CSS layout and HTML tagging incompatible Firefox. (Many of korean web sites have these problems for IE-centric implementation.) After bug report, a QA coordinator of Naver gives a comment for all of bugs and offers bugs to develpers over 50 section of sites. Each developer get the time to fix bug from company during February. So it respects that most of problems in Naver will be fixed through this event. As well as participating this contest by users, Firefox geeks can use Naver web sites without their inconvenience. Naver will give a gift of 25 Naver+Firefox t-shirt packages to powerful bug-reporting geeks.

Please refer to Firefox evangelism with korean top portal sites, Asa Dotzler’s comment for Site compatiblity and korean Mozilla news in detail.

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  1. 호오, 반가운 소식이군요.
    네이버 블로그 쪽에 버그 리포팅할 꺼 널려있을 것 같은데요.;;

  2. 재미있네요….참신한 시도인것 같습니다. 네이버~

  3. 네이버 짜증나요. 내가 요청할 때는 들은 체 만체하더니 블로그를 타 포털로 옮기고 나서 이제 시작하는 척!

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